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SPIN SETS Presents: Azzecca | SPIN Magazine

Raver at heart and dancefloor risk-taker delivers epic 90 minute set.

Rob Santos is Coming Out | Aislin Magazine

From NYC to Connecticut, from open mic nights to health scares, lost deals, and legal battles, stand-up comedian Rob Santos is ready to share his story.

Rewriting Self-Limiting Narratives with Unstabile | Aislin Magazine

After the release of their latest single “For That Dream,” Massachusetts-based artist Unstabile met with Aislin to discuss what inspired the single, how they’ve been dealing with feelings of loneliness, and the importance of recognizing and rewriting self-limiting narratives.

Exploring The Invisibility of Black Children Through Art | Aislin Magazine

Nigerian-American visual artist Dr. Imo Nse Imeh is creating artwork that starts a conversation about two sides of a problem — the invisibility that Black children face and how society turns them into spectacles once they are no longer invisible.

ARTrepreneur On The Rise: Putting Hartford On The Map | Aislin Magazine

Joseph Young Jr., a Connecticut native, cartoonist, filmmaker, producer, writer, and educator tells us his story. From his childhood dreams, to breaking multiple records, this versatile artist has seen a lot throughout his expansive career.

David Sierra is TALENTED | Aislin Magazine

Balancing his travels, his artwork, and his clothing line For The Talented Clothing, Hartford based photographer David Sierra does it all with an appreciation for life. We caught up with David to discuss his beginnings as a photographer, how he handled being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease by creating art, and what he has lined up for the future.

Adaora: Hartford Native on Modeling and Motherhood | Aislin Magazine

Adaora Cobb is a versatile model, who has been featured in Seventeen, Ebony, Essence, and Sports Illustrated. Though she didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a model, she was quickly drawn into the world of modeling after being scouted in her home state of Connecticut.

Studio Spotlight: 3rd Eye Studios | Aislin Magazine

Highlighting new and unique studio spaces, I met up with James Black, creator of 3rd Eye Studios located in Bloomfield, CT. Started in 2019, 3rd Eye Studios was created as a way to give artists the opportunity and space to create comfortably while learning how to effectively market themselves and their artwork.

Artist Spotlight: Cinematographer RJ LaRussa | Aislin Magazine

Writer, Director, & Cinematographer RJ LaRussa has an impressive résumé, with works ranging from narrative short films and music videos to documentaries and advertisements for a variety of companies. His latest directorial project, Donnée, explores the intersection of melodrama and documentary through Connecticut’s DIY music scene. Aislin recently met with LaRussa to discuss Donnée, politics, and the future of film in a digital world.

The Comic-Filled Mind of Austin MacDonald | Aislin Magazine

Comic Artist. Cartoonist. Visual Storyteller. Austin MacDonald, fresh from hosting a solo exhibition for his comic, Prodigal: The Sentinel’s Garden, chats with Aislin Magazine about all things comic related.

Artist Spotlight: Markdamighty | Aislin Magazine

With a sound that seamlessly blends hip hop and house music, Markdamighty is making rap you can dance to. We spoke with him about his work with The Quest Presents - a Connecticut based collective of musical minds, record labels vs. working independently, and how the military influenced his approach to making music.

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